From "Instant Life Coach - 200 Brilliant Ways To Be Your Best"

by Lynda Field ISBN 0091906709

Believe in yourself

Self-confident people have indestructible self-belief, nothing can take
away their feeling of self-worth and they bounce back again and again.
You can feel like this. You have all that it takes to go for what you want
and to ride the ups and downs that life inevitably brings. No one has a
smooth trip but just think how you will feel if you don't even give yourself
a chance to get out there and give things a try!

Self-belief checklist

A person with self-belief:

Never compares herself with others.

Knows that she is her own woman and that nobody can understand her as well as she can

Listens to helpful advice and comments but never blindly follows others' opinions

Trusts her instincts and listens to her heart

Recognises that she will make mistakes and learns from them and moves on

Depends upon her own judgement and always gives herself time to work things through

Values rest and relaxation as much as action planning and activity

Knows that when she is calm and focused she will make the best decisions

Accepts that there will be days when her self-belief is not so strong and will wait until she is feeling more positive before committing herself to any course of action

"When you are high in self-belief you will trust your own thoughts and feelings and will be able to follow through with appropriate action"

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